Streaming Media Players Price List

Here we have huge options of streaming media player activity. To satisfy your interest, you have to select the one that is made with your required features. There are products that would help you to listen to music with mind blowing sound; there are the intercom devices as well. In Indonesia, the Google Chromecast, MINIX NEO and Panasonic VL are the available genuine media players. You could have the best streaming media player price in Indonesia which is provided with customers’ review.

Best Streaming Media Players of 2019

Streaming Media Players Price in Indonesia

Latest Streaming Media Players Price List (2019) Updated Prices
MINIX NEO U9-HRp 2,070,000
MINIX NEO U1Rp 1,341,199
MINIX NEO X8Rp 1,660,000
Google ChromecastRp 300,000
MINIX NEO X8-H PlusRp 1,500,000
MINIX NEO X6Rp 640,774
MINIX NEO X8-HRp 2,055,000
Google Chromecast ChromecastRp 599,000
Google Chromecast 2Rp 649,900
MINIX NEO X7 miniRp 1,251,613

What is streaming Media Player?

Now, to clarify the function of a digital media player, one can say that the exact features are different by device. Most of them run musical apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, Plex, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify. 4K HDR apps are not accessible in all the players.

What is the Specialty?

As mentioned before, their specialty differs with brand and model.   

  • 4K Ultra HD apps are available here. To be specific, a particular model in this case would be MINIX NEO X8-H Plus. The model was featured in 2014, can beat any updated brand new model of this year. It has the facility to update in current android version. It can use Cody 17.3. It plays my movie library, YouTube and so many apps mentioned above.
  • Video Conference is a good option with this.
     Chromecast Audio
  • It can stream the music from your device (smart phone/ smart TV) over Wi-Fi. It is a good combination with iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Mac and Windows laptops or Chromebook.
  • Music lovers will enjoy the beats at its best. The quality of sound is far better than CD.
  • The Chromecast audio needs a speaker with 3.5 mm input RCA or optical input. It needs an Android or IOS device with the music app. Apps must be supported by Chromecast. You have to start up the Chromecast app in your Android smart phone.
      Panasonic VL-SWD501BX and Panasonic VL-SF70BX—the two wireless Intercom System 
  • Four connectible units are Main Monitor, Smart Phone/Tablet, Wireless Sub Monitor and Door phone.
  • Connectible devices are – sensor cam (4), Electric lock release (2) and repeater.
  • Wide Angle camera with night vision camera.
  • Movie/ picture recording and SD card recordings are done.
  • Voice Changer


Where to Buy?

In Jakarta, Palembang, Surakarta and so on, the streaming media player price list, provided at, proves to be budget-friendly. How? They prefer the online vendors who collect the products from manufacturers and supply it directly to you. There is no any third party performance to gain profit from your pocket. Vendors like, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, AliExpress, Amazon, Blanza etc are performing this great job! At our site you can check the price list consists of several vendors providing the same product. Here you may Compare Streaming Media Player Price Online and fix your deal! Isn’t it cool! The best streaming media player will be in your grasp just as well as in your budget.


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