TV, Video and DVD Prices in Indonesia

If You Love Watching Television: Then You Definitely Deserve The Best For Your Home

For many of us, the best way to relax is to watch TV, this might not be our hobby but it is the easiest mode of recreation that is readily available. After a hectic day at work, we all look forward to something that will help us to release all the stress, so what’s more lucrative than catching up your favorite show, movie or sports on your television.

Best Tv, Video And DVD of 2019

Samsung BD-H6500 image
Samsung BD-H6500
Rp 1,735,000.00
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Samsung BD-J4500 image
Samsung BD-J4500
Rp 1,499,000.00
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Pioneer BDR-209DBK image
Pioneer BDR-209DBK
Rp 1,145,000.00
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Samsung BD-J5500 Hitam image
Samsung BD-J5500 Hitam
Rp 1,349,000.00
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Samsung JS9000 55-Inch image
Samsung JS9000 55-Inch
Rp 29,999,000.00
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Samsung J5500 32-Inch image
Samsung J5500 32-Inch
Rp 4,700,000.00
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Samsung J5500 43-Inch image
Samsung J5500 43-Inch
Rp 6,900,000.00
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Sharp Aquos LC40LE265M image
Sharp Aquos LC40LE265M
Rp 4,330,000.00
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Samsung J6300 40-Inch image
Samsung J6300 40-Inch
Rp 8,197,000.00
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Samsung UH32FH4003 image
Samsung UH32FH4003
Rp 2,085,000.00
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LG 43LF510 image
LG 43LF510
Rp 4,725,000.00
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Samsung K6300 55-Inch image
Samsung K6300 55-Inch
Rp 10,300,000.00
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Samsung J5500 55-Inch image
Samsung J5500 55-Inch
Rp 15,489,000.00
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Samsung 43-inch Full HD Flat TV M5500 Series 5 image
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Samsung Q8C 55-Inch image
Samsung Q8C 55-Inch
Rp 22,295,000.00
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Samsung JS7200 55-Inch image
Samsung JS7200 55-Inch
Rp 14,899,000.00
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Choose your Brand

Samsung JU7500 48-Inch image
Samsung JU7500 48-Inch
Rp 9,900,000.00
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Toshiba LED TV New Series 32 inch 32L1600 image
Toshiba LED TV New Series 32 inch 32L1600
Rp 1,998,000.00
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Polytron PLD40T856 image
Polytron PLD40T856
Rp 4,355,000.00
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Samsung KU6300 image
Samsung KU6300
Rp 3,100,000.00
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Samsung FH4003 image
Samsung FH4003
Rp 2,089,000.00
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LG 49UH610T image
LG 49UH610T
Rp 7,200,000.00
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Samsung J5100 32-Inch image
Samsung J5100 32-Inch
Rp 4,050,000.00
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Samsung K6300 image
Samsung K6300
Rp 5,800,000.00
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LG 43LH500T image
LG 43LH500T
Rp 4,199,000.00
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LG 43LF540T image
LG 43LF540T
Rp 910,000.00
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Polytron PLD22D900 image
Polytron PLD22D900
Rp 800,000.00
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Panasonic TH-32D305G image
Panasonic TH-32D305G
Rp 2,129,000.00
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Samsung J6300 image
Samsung J6300
Rp 11,309,913.00
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LG 43LF510T image
LG 43LF510T
Rp 4,999,999.00
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Polytron PLD32T106 image
Polytron PLD32T106
Rp 2,550,000.00
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LG 32Lh570D image
LG 32Lh570D
Rp 3,465,000.00
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Tv, Video and DVD Prices in Indonesia

Latest Tv, Video and DVD Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Samsung BD-H6500Rp 1,735,000
Samsung BD-J4500Rp 1,499,000
Pioneer BDR-209DBKRp 1,145,000
Samsung BD-J5500 HitamRp 1,349,000
Samsung JS9000 55-InchRp 29,999,000
Samsung J5500 32-InchRp 4,700,000
Samsung J5500 43-InchRp 6,900,000
Sharp Aquos LC40LE265MRp 4,330,000
Samsung J6300 40-InchRp 8,197,000
Samsung UH32FH4003Rp 2,085,000
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