Bluetooth Headsets Price List

Talk with ease and Comfort on the go with Bluetooth Headset

Since time long we always felt the need to connect our electronic devices through networking. Traditionally this was done with the help of wires. But nowadays our changing lifestyle requires us to use these devices for work or leisure, when we are on the go. Thus when we are moving it is always not possible to connect these devices with wires. So, one of the possible ways to connect wirelessly is with the help of a Bluetooth technology.

Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2019

Bluedio DF33T image
Bluedio DF33T
Rp 169,381.17
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Philips SHB1200 image
Philips SHB1200
Rp 149,000.00
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Jabra Stone 3 Hitam image
Jabra Stone 3 Hitam
Rp 1,299,000.00
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Motorola HZ720 image
Motorola HZ720
Rp 139,000.00
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Sony SBH80 image
Sony SBH80
Rp 185,000.00
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Jabra Talk image
Jabra Talk
Rp 149,000.00
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Jabra Mini image
Jabra Mini
Rp 250,000.00
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Remax RB-T8 image
Remax RB-T8
Rp 105,000.00
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Remax RB-T10 image
Remax RB-T10
Rp 95,000.00
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Jabra MOTION image
Rp 1,099,000.00
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Awei A871BL image
Awei A871BL
Rp 288,197.00
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Zealot E1 image
Zealot E1
Rp 155,000.00
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Ovleng S9 image
Ovleng S9
Rp 275,000.00
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Xiaomi Piston III Youth Edition image
Xiaomi Piston III Youth Edition
Rp 30,000.00
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Bluedio I4 image
Bluedio I4
Rp 175,781.84
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Hoco EPB03 image
Hoco EPB03
Rp 384,000.00
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Choose your Brand

Remax RB-T7 Putih image
Remax RB-T7 Putih
Rp 129,000.00
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Zealot E5 image
Zealot E5
Rp 162,000.00
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Remax RB-S6 White image
Remax RB-S6 White
Rp 249,800.00
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Awei A871BL Hitam image
Awei A871BL Hitam
Rp 436,000.00
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Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Yellow image
Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Yellow
Rp 1,859,000.00
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LG HBM-290 image
LG HBM-290
Rp 615,000.00
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Jabra MOTION UC image
Rp 1,759,067.63
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Remax RB-T12 Merah Muda image
Remax RB-T12 Merah Muda
Rp 175,000.00
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Samsung HM3500 Bluetooth Mono Headset image
Samsung HM3500 Bluetooth Mono Headset
Rp 105,000.00
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Jabra Boost image
Jabra Boost
Rp 193,000.00
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Jabra Stone 3 image
Jabra Stone 3
Rp 1,299,000.00
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Remax RB-S5 image
Remax RB-S5
Rp 153,000.00
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Remax RB-T7 image
Remax RB-T7
Rp 113,000.00
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Remax RB-T12 image
Remax RB-T12
Rp 175,000.00
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Remax RB-T5 image
Remax RB-T5
Rp 225,000.00
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Sony SBH20 Stereo Bluetooth Headset image
Sony SBH20 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Rp 95,000.00
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Bluetooth Headsets Price in Indonesia

Latest Bluetooth Headsets Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Bluedio DF33TRp 169,381
Philips SHB1200Rp 149,000
Jabra Stone 3 HitamRp 1,299,000
Motorola HZ720Rp 139,000
Sony SBH80Rp 185,000
Jabra TalkRp 149,000
Jabra MiniRp 250,000
Remax RB-T8Rp 105,000
Remax RB-T10Rp 95,000
Jabra MOTIONRp 1,099,000

The trend of using a headphone has started long time back but with the introduction of Bluetooth feature it has gone a step ahead. The Bluetooth headphones use electroacoustic transducers that convert electric signals to sound to your ear. Now bid a goodbye to the wires that get tangled every time you wanted to hear your favorite song. With Bluetooth earphones you can enjoy free movement and less tangling of wires. Bluetooth headphones transmit sound wirelessly over short distances and can easily sync to your Bluetooth enabled devices so that you can enjoy your favorite songs anytime you feel like. Now shop for the best wireless headphones from Mybestprice- Indonesia’s leading online shopping site. Check Bluetooth headsets prices in Indonesia and order as per your need.

How to choose a perfect Wireless headset?

If you are buying a pair of Bluetooth earphones for the first time you need to be well aware of certain factors before buying one. The most important factor to consider before buying a wireless earphone is the headphone fit. A headphone with a perfect fit will give you amazing sound quality and comfort. In-ear model earphones are fitted with foam or rubber tips that are customized according to different ear size. These earbuds give a grip and ensure that the headsets don’t fall while working out or traveling. Over- the ear headsets have cushioned ear cups and provide an immersive sound quality. These headphones are mostly used while traveling. Apart from giving you an amazing sound quality, these wireless earphones are power packed with features like water resistance, noise canceling, sound amplification, voice assistants and volume limiting. These headphones are not only convenient to carry but are also stylish in looks and with Mybestprice you can have an endless variety of Bluetooth headsets. Take a look at the Bluetooth headsets prices online and select one that fits in your budget.

Shop for the Best Wireless Headsets in Indonesia

The greatest advantage of a Bluetooth headset is its wireless nature. So, if you are looking for a headset to tune into audio or take an important call on your Bluetooth enabled phone then you have landed in the right place. Our website has a catalogue that provides a wide variety of Bluetooth headsets, in order to provide a one stop solution for those who are in search of these. The assortment of Bluetooth headphones at our website includes brands like Motorola, Jabra, Philips, Sony, Hoco, Remax, Zealot, Bluedio and many more. And with us, you get best Bluetooth headsets price in Indonesia. Products from this reputed brands come with a manufactures warranty so that you do not need to worry about the after-sales service. Read the product reviews and compare Bluetooth headsets price online that will help you shop wisely. Once if you have finalized your choice select any safe payment option like a credit card, debit card, cash on delivery and get your favorite products delivered at your doorstep.



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