Basic Phones Price List in Indonesia

Having a mobile phone is a necessity today. It can be either a smartphone or a basic phone. With a basic phone, one can perform the basic features of a phone such as making calls, receiving calls, sending or receiving messages etc. These types of phones are widely popular across the world in different countries. But with the advancement of technology, these phones have become less popular.

Basic Phones Price in Indonesia

Latest Basic Phones Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Nokia Lumia 532 HitamRp 875,400
iCherry C109 HitamRp 240,000
Nokia 1600 PutihRp 69,000
Nokia 215 Dual Sim HitamRp 457,000
Nokia 3310 Biru Muda MerahRp 522,500
Polytron C249 MerahRp 256,000
iCherry C90Rp 99,000
Maxtron F5 FlipRp 178,000
Samsung GT-E1272 PutihRp 499,900
Nokia 3310 16MB BiruRp 120,000

Although smartphones are the handiest gadget today, yet there are many who still stick to the basic phone due to several reasons. These mobile phones are without mind-blowing technology. They just allow you to fulfill the basic needs however you could also browse internet and click pictures with the basic phones. There are many phones of this category where one can access good quality torch, play games and listen to radio. One can set ringtone of his or her choice in the phone too. These phones cost much less price than the Smartphone or Android sets while giving the best services ever.

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The Basic phones price in Indonesia is really very reasonable due to the huge sell of the products. Moreover the look and colour of the items attract the customers towards them. Various brands like Nokia, Panasonic, iCherry, Samsung, Brandcode, Motorola, and Blackberry etc have been producing good quality basic phones for many years. These companies sell their products both in the market stores and online. There are many online sites selling basic phones in the country. Log into the website and get all information regarding Basic phones price online. The companies are manufacturing extremely stylish and hardy models with great longevity. The site has a huge collection of basic phones from which one can easily pick one up of his own choice and needs. The Nokia 8800 Hitam is a very good looking and is four star rated. Nokia N70 silver is silver in colour and its price is only Rp 300,000. The iCherry c97 is another one having a smart black and white look with affordable price tag of Rp 120,000. If someone has fewer budgets, he can look for Brandcode B230 Hijau which is priced Rp 88,900, but it has attractive get up of green button pad. Nokia M105 is another low budget good phone that costs Rp 80,000. Although one thinks that how can the company provide good quality phones at such less prices? But be wise enough to experience the difference. If someone wants a more budget product, there are many options too such as Nokia Lumia 100 having four star rating, Blackberry Dakota 9900 and many other handsets.

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Visit the website today and get innumerable options in basic phones. With the difference in features and functions the prices of the items vary. Compare basic phones price online with other sellers and then place an order. We are here to provide you the best service always.



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