Gaming Controllers Price List in Indonesia

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Gaming Controllers Price in Indonesia

Latest Gaming Controllers Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Logitech Gamepad F310Rp 259,000
Ipega PG-9025Rp 195,000
Ipega PG-9028Rp 285,000
Ipega PG-9052Rp 244,000
Ipega PG-9062Rp 290,000
Genius G08X2Rp 50,000
Sony Playstation DualShock 3Rp 91,620
Sony Playstation DualShock 4 HitamRp 530,000
Ipega PG-9025 HitamRp 205,000
Sony Playstation DualShock 4 BiruRp 429,900

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In some of the big cities of Indonesia such as—Java, Padang, Semarang, and many more, people are totally game freaks and they always crave for the latest game- controllers in order to double the joy of playing their favourite games with the help of latest game controller. We always aims at providing the best and exciting online shopping experience, as we have collection of products with best and offers from a range of reputed sellers such as- Sony, IPEGA, Nintendo, and many more.

Moreover, on our website you can save a lot more of money so that you can spend more on shopping. With our website, your shopping becomes much easier, hassle-free and secure as we provide transparent and convenient shopping experience. You can get maximum information about each product, so that users can find easily what they are looking for without much trouble. Our website simplifies your shopping and also makes your shopping less time consuming.

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We provide you platform, where you can compare prices, view review our valuable customers, arrival dates, availability, other specifications and many more. We always emphasis on the fact of smart shopping which means Shop more and save more. On visiting our website, you will get a varied range of game controllers from higher price list to lower end. But don’t get worried or tensed. We have got a team of expert enthusiasts, who work all round the clock to provide you the best product for you. With the help of easy payment methods, your shopping has also become much easier, safe, 100% secure and convenient as your desired products get easily delivered at your door-step without any headache. There are certain points that should be taken into consideration while buying a game- controller such as- Price, colour, all controls are customizable, dual trackpad, haptic feedback, and many more.Visit our website today and get flooded with various game controller options such as- Sony Dual shock 4 wireless controller gold, Nintendo Wii Wii Wireless Controller Pro, IPEGA PG-9017S Hitam, Sony PlaystationDualshock4 Merah, and many more. The prices of the game- controllers may vary as per the functionality that you are seeking for. Moreover, we not only provide price comparison benefit but also we offer additional deals and discounts that you must check out.



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