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If you are, also a believer of the fact that gaming does all wrong to your child then it is high time that you get rid of all these clichéd notions. Modern day research has revealed that the pros of gaming, are strong enough to outshine its cons. Studies revealed that gaming boosts your child’s cognitive thinking ability, fine-motor skills and also increases his real time decision making power. So next time when you think of depriving your child from video games then, remember you are divesting him away from all these merits.

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Gaming Prices in Indonesia

Latest Gaming Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Logitech Gamepad F310Rp 259,000
Ipega PG-9025Rp 195,000
Ipega PG-9028Rp 285,000
Ipega PG-9052Rp 244,000
Ipega PG-9062Rp 290,000
Genius G08X2Rp 50,000
Sony Playstation DualShock 3Rp 91,620
Sony Playstation DualShock 4 HitamRp 530,000
Ipega PG-9025 HitamRp 205,000
Sony Playstation DualShock 4 BiruRp 429,900

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  • Video games and gaming accessories

Video games, we guess are the biggest crush of all gaming fans, but to make the most of this whole process one also need the right set of peripherals . Keeping this in mind various companies have come up with series of games and gaming accessories. Our website offers best price on gaming products in Indonesia. With us you can shop for gaming controllers, Nintendo controllers, Mobile games, other consoles, Games, gaming accessories, XBOX and Playstations.

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  • Brands we offer

Though it might sound a little complex to any layman, but ask any gaming fan, he will tell you about the brands that are worth investing in. On Mybestprice we have actually stocked up the most popular products from the leading names like Sony, Nintendo, IPEGA, Electronic, Microsoft, Take, Activision, Square, Konami, Warner and Ubisoft. We are thus considered a paradise for those people who take gaming as their biggest hobby.

On our site, you will get a brief description of the games you are interested in and can compare prices of various gaming products online.

Gaming is a good pass time:

Many people argue that games are the biggest distraction for any child, but to be frank this is just a misconception. As mentioned before, games develop your child’s multitasking power, increase his attention and accuracy and teach him the basic ethics of teamwork. So let not anything hold you back anymore, just visit Mybestprice to acquire the best gaming product. Gaming is never age biased, for the grown ups too we have a rich stock of mobile games and other gaming consoles, so we hope you will enjoy your shopping with us.



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