Webcams Price List in Indonesia

Many laptops ship with webcams, but some don't and there are many desktops coming with webcams. Generally while someone wants to buy a webcam for his computer, he or she can easily find it without getting into any trouble. But the person must know a few things before he starts shopping. Whether one needs it for business video meetings, video podcasts, video chatting, training webinars, determines the type of webcam one should buy. Webcams are like computers only—a lot of models are available in wide price ranges. Webcam price in Indonesia are same across the country. One doesn't want to pay for the features he doesn't need. So it's better to choose precisely what one wants and doesn't want before he starts shopping for the product.

Webcams Prices in Indonesia

Latest Webcams Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Logitech C170Rp 201,000
Logitech Webcam C170Rp 200,000
Logitech C310Rp 350,000
Logitech HD WEBCAM C270HRp 342,000
A4-TECH PK-710GRp 183,000
Logitech PTZ ProRp 10,264,955
VZTEC UL2220Rp 30,421
VZTEC WC-1685Rp 139,700
Logitech C525 HDRp 510,000
Logitech C922 PRO STREAM WEBCAMRp 73,132
  • Buying according to the needs

In most usages a webcam with high resolution is needed. With low resolution the image looks grainer onscreen. Nowadays the modern webcams support high definition video capture. While buying, one should look for video capturing rate of 720p or higher than that. Buying webcams of high frame rate is also necessary. Because without high frame rate, the images may shutter and freeze on the viewer's screen. The frame rates are measured in frames per second or ‘fps’. Webcams having frame rate of 30 fps or higher are actually producing the best video images.

  • Choose your lens very wisely

The performance of the webcam depends on the type of lens. Some webcams have plastic lenses, but glass lenses are best to use.  It raises the performance of the picture without hike in price. Two important characteristics are auto focusing and auto light adjustment especially needed in a dark room. The standard features of a webcam are an inbuilt microphone and the ability to take still images. It depends on the type of video chatting one wants. Take a webcam according to your needs. One can get Webcam prices online in Indonesia from our website.

  • Know your Operating System

Different webcams run on different computers. It is important to consider your computer operating system and then one must check out the requirements for the webcam. Most of the devices have minimum processor speed and memory. In a new computer it perhaps meets the minimum requirements, but if one is working on high definition video on an older system he can run into compatibility problems.

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