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Almost everyone needs a personal computer; maybe it is a laptop or desktop to make his/her life easier and full of fun. With a computer, your work becomes simpler in job purposes. Today many people favor laptops as they are portable. In a laptop one gets monitor, keyboard, mouse, drive, speakers all in one compact device. But it should be remembered that using desktops has special advantages.

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Computing Accessories Prices in Indonesia

Latest Computing Accessories Price List (2019) Updated Prices
DELL S2316HRp 2,455,000
Fantech K10Rp 103,000
AMD Vishera FX-6300Rp 900,000
Logitech MX Master 2sRp 1,070,000
Logitech K270Rp 225,000
Logitech M165Rp 45,000
Razer DiamondbackRp 800,000
Logitech M720Rp 523,000
SteelSeries Apex 300Rp 650,000
DELL E2216HVRp 1,250,000

Many professionals, gamers, artists and people of all ages in a family use desktops in homes and offices. Thus, all of us desire to enhance the desktop computing experience by using proper computing accessories. These must be available in the electronic retail or online stores. The following are the accessories that one needs to run a desktop smoothly. One can get the accessories given below at very easily. He will get a clear idea regarding computing accessories price in Indonesia too here.

 Keyboard and Mouse

It goes without mentioning that one cannot work on a desktop computer without these two peripherals: the keyboard and the mouse. The keyboard and mouse are available in two different versions. These are wired and cordless. Each of the wired versions can be connected to a hard drive by a USB or other port. The wireless version makes the connection without a wire. It uses electronic transmission. The wireless version needs power from batteries and the wired versions get power from the hard disk. Both are useful with the current operating systems, which include the wired and wireless work with Apple and PC computers.

Keyboards can be rectangular or ergonomic. These are standard QWERTY keyboard with many additional features like backlighting, large print, touch pads etc.

Mouse always has the same general shape. It has left and right clicks buttons, scroll wheel and palm rest.

Audio and Video Accessories

Nowadays desktop speakers come with multiple channels, bass control and multiple speakers. One can pair these with computer headphones. Headphones too can be wired or wireless. They can also have Bluetooth accessibility to connect other devices.

  • Webcams help in online video calls and also posting different videos on to the social media. They are able to deliver pictures between 720 and 1080 pixels. Webcams too have built in microphone.
  • Power accessories include extension cord, power strip, UPS. A UPS helps to continue running the computer, such as closing documents and other files even when the power goes off as they store power within the cells.
  • Some other peripherals can also be used in a desktop computer for gaming purposes such as a joystick, driving wheel, controllers for the video game players.

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