Drone Cameras Price List in Indonesia

Are you a videographer or a still photographer? Do you feel to increase your income by all means! Drone Cameras are ready to offer you that blessing. The aerial photography and videography has proved to be fruitful for the real estate agency, farming, law enforcement, mining and journalist’s invasions. Over the past few years, the demand of drone cameras has been increased. There are a great number of people to accept the latest technology in this device. Along with some common uses, people are getting creative with the upgraded Unmanned Aerial Devices (UAV).

Drone Cameras Price in Indonesia

Latest Drone Cameras Price List (2019) Updated Prices
DJI Inspire 2Rp 36,751,120
JJRC H37Rp 390,000
JXD 509GRp 848,000
Hubsan X4 Pro H109SRp 1,010,195
DJI Phantom 3 4KRp 10,400,000
Yuneec Typhoon Q500Rp 7,990,000
JXD 512WRp 488,879
Cheerson CX-OFRp 690,058
SYMA X6Rp 1,364,000
Hubsan X4 H107DRp 745,008

There are the Syma, DJI, Parrot, Walkera, Hubsan, JXD etc brands available in countries like Indonesia. Drone camera price in Indonesia is not too much in comparison with the other countries. Through online, people order the genuine product through the reliable sites. To do a smart buy, customers prefer to compare Drone camera price online. Getting a proper idea on chosen device, they place the order.

In the most populated Indonesian cities, the demand of drone cameras is getting increased each day. In, the frequency of searching it is rising tremendously. Actually, the Drone camera Prices mentioned here gets updated frequently. Here, the Best Drone Camera Price in Indonesia can be marked very easily. The products are available in Lazada,, AliExpress and in various such other sites such as there. These are e-retailing sites that supply branded Drone cameras in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, Palembarg etc.

How does it work?

This device has two parts—the drone and a control system.

Usually, lighter materials are used to make this. Infra-red camera (military UAV), GPS and laser (military UAV) – these are the different art technologies used in it.

In which way drone cameras are being useful?

  • Aerial Photography

This one usage of drone camera is very popular to anyone. These days’ drones are having the capacity to capture a perfect image. It can carry heavy camera. It becomes helpful to capture aerial photography properly. These days, the Wi-Fi streaming technology has become helpful. The user can control the drone from own smartphone. To capture clearer view and to control the drone camera, addition of gimbal is effective enough.

  • Wildlife Tour

When you feel passionate to the wildlife observation, you may not prefer to be a tourist there. They would feel disturbed because of tourists’ intrusion. Also, these cameras help to quench your thirst.This kind of observation will stay with you for a lifetime. You may study the animals’ movement minutely later on. The thermal camera sensor in drone cameras makes it effective at night. So, the night time wildlife gets exposed to you through drone cameras.

To enjoy Tanjung putting National Park, Komodo National Park, Cenderawasih Bay etc this will be a best companion to you.

  • Archeological Surveys

A physical survey in an archeological place is undoubtedly important. When research fellows are doing a meeting on that place, the images through drone cameras make the meeting less time consuming. Researchers’ whole energy goes to the fruitfulness of their discussion. Skipping the physical survey, they do not feel tired physically.

From own home improvement to weather forecast, everywhere drone camera has proved itself a unique performer. To own your one, just go to the available options here and commit a smart a buy.



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