Camera Filters Price List in Indonesia

In digital photography camera filter lens play a very important role. They are the most important item in a photographer’s bag. Filters are important as they help in providing protection to the lens. Thus, different kinds of filters are used like the polarizing filters and the UV filters.


Camera Filters Price in Indonesia

Latest Camera Filters Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Kenko PRO ND100 58mmRp 725,000
Kenko PRO ND1000 49mmRp 950,804
Mengs 77mm Graduated Lens Filter With Aluminum FrameRp 149,136
DJI ND8Rp 40,000
Kenko PRO ND200 67mmRp 975,000
Kenko PRO ND100 67mmRp 975,000
DJI ND16Rp 159,000
Nikon 58mm NC FilterRp 1,145,446
Nikon 72mm NCRp 570,000
Nikon 62mm NC FilterRp 375,000
The most common filters that are being used for digital photography are the lens filter. It helps in Polarizing and at the same time allows the photographer to have warming/cooling filters and at the same time, it also allows the photographer to gain graduated neutral density for their pictures. All these filters are available in the online site at the lowest price range. Camera filters price in Indonesia is the most reasonable here and for this reason it has gained immense popularity.
Polarizing filter is the most significant for landscape photography. It works by reducing the reflected light that passes to the camera’s sensor. It makes the sky appear deep blue. It reduces the glare and reflection off of water and reduces contrast between the land and sky too. There is a difference between linear and circular polarizing filters. In circular polarizing, camera’s metering and auto-focus can function. Linear polarizer is less expensive and cannot function metering and auto focus.

Neutral Density filters lens reduce the amount of light that reach the camera's sensor. It smoothen the water movement in rivers, waterfalls and oceans. It reduces diffraction, make moving objects less apparent. It introduces blur to convey motion with moving objects.

Graduated Neutral Density restricts the amount of light across an image geometrically. They are also called split filters. These filters are necessary for capturing dramatically lit landscape. They come in many varieties depending on how quickly the light changes across the scene.

Haze and UV filters are used to protect the front element of the camera lens as they are clear and do not affect the image. UV filters reduce haze and improve contrast by lowering the amount of ultra violet light reaching the film. The multicoated UV filters reduce the chance of flare and keep the filter very clean. High quality UV filter will not produce any colour cast.

Cool and Warm filters change the white balance of the light that reaches the camera's sensor. These are used to correct unrealistic colour cast. It adds warmth to a cloudy day to make it like the sunset. They have become less popular with digital cameras as they automatically adjust for a white balance.

One must choose the proper filter size for a camera lens. Filters of different sizes and types are available in the website across the country. Camera filters price is enlisted here in an elaborate way along with the products.

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