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Getting the new camera, the first thing one thinks is what accessories will help him or her to get the most out of his photography or how to take better shots. The camera shops and online retailers are there across the country full of enticing accessories which promise to help one with his new hobby. One can log into to have proper information regarding camera accessories price in Indonesia. It is important to know which accessories should one buy. Here is a list of attachments that are necessary for buying a camera.

Best Camera Accessories of 2019

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Camera Accessories Price in Indonesia

Latest Camera Accessories Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Lowepro Adventura 170Rp 235,000
Lowepro Event Messenger 150Rp 570,000
Canon LP-E8 BatteryRp 495,000
Vanguard Veo travel 21Rp 325,000
Vanguard Havana 21Rp 470,000
Vanguard Havana 36Rp 755,000
Yongnuo YN-900Rp 776,000
Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2Rp 749,000
Behringer FX600Rp 430,000
Canon BP-511A BatteryRp 75,000

Camera bag - If one has a small camera body and single lens like DSLR or mirror less camera, a bag is not needed. But backpacks are very helpful to protect the camera from rain and dirt and dust. One can also carry heavy kit over long distant places. There are shoulder camera bags giving speedy access but these are sometimes uncomfortable. Sling bags can also be used.

Tripod - It helps to hold the camera at right angle and keeping it still, so detailed and sharp images are obtained. Buying a sturdy tripod is beneficial as it keeps the camera still in a breeze. Aluminum tripods are cheaper and heavier to carry than carbon fiber.

Remote Release - It allows you to trip the shutter without touching the camera. It can be connected to the camera via a cable or it can be wireless. Wireless releases have advantage of working from a greater range

Tripod head - it remains between the tripod stand and the camera. Ball heads are used for any type of photography.

Additional lenses - There is certainly a great starting point but it would not be long before one finds he needs something wider for shooting landscape and interiors. One may try to get closer to small subject with macro glass.

Filters - Neutral density filters are mostly popular as they enable to take long exposure shots in the daytime. They help to shoot with a very wide aperture in bright daylight. Camera Filters may be round, square or rectangular in shape.

Lens and Sensor cleaners - One must keep the gear clean. Blower is helpful to blow specks and grit from the camera and camera lens before wiping them with a soft cotton cloth. One can just buy a pack of sensor cleaning swabs and a bottle of sensor cleaning liquid from the above mentioned site as camera accessories price is most reasonable here.

The other necessary accessories include reflector, flashgun, and flash diffuser.

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