Studio Equipment Price List in Indonesia

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Studio Equipment Price in Indonesia

Latest Studio Equipment Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Behringer 1202FXRp 1,650,000
Behringer UMC404HDRp 2,234,000
Behringer 302USBRp 820,000
Behringer Q502USBRp 1,037,000
Behringer FBQ1000Rp 2,500,000
Behringer ADA8200Rp 3,900,000
Behringer QX1222USBRp 4,065,000
Behringer Q802USBRp 1,200,000
Behringer VMX1000USBRp 6,861,000
Behringer X32Rp 16,738,000

What are the most essential music equipments?

Here is a list of all the necessary studio equipments needed for musical setup.

  • Computer- This is the most important production setup. It depends on one's budget and preference which model he chooses to make the digital set-up.
  • Digital Audio Workstation- There are many DAW or Digital Audio Workstation in the market to choose from. It all depends on one's needs.
  • Studio headphones- Having a pair of studio quality head phone is essential made for making music.
  • MIDI Keyboard- It allows one to have a blank keyboard where one can assign sounds to via the computer.
  • VST plug ins- Virtual Studio Technology means that the studio is digital. There are VST sounds for everything. Most of the producers use VST today. Actually no one can tell the difference.
  • Studio Monitor speakers- These are high quality speakers for accuracy of frequency.
  • Microphone- Many prefer thousand dollar microphone while others want a UAB microphone to make amazing music.
  • Different other controllers- These include DJ Controllers, Digital pianos, Electronic drum sets, Drum pad controllers, Audio mixers.

What is the right place to buy these equipments?

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