Ovens Price List in Indonesia

In this fast paced life that we live in, we all want to eat food which is tasty and consumes less time to cook. With the advancement of technology, working in kitchen has become easier and faster. One such blessing of technology is an oven which is a multipurpose appliance that plays an important role in the culinary arena. The oven is slightly different from a microwave. Microwave is an appliance mainly used for heating food whereas an oven is used for cooking, reheating and baking of a substance. The microwave is primarily used for heating food. It is unsuitable for cooking foods. On the other hand, ovens are used for cooking as well as for baking of breads and pizzas.

Ovens Price in Indonesia

Latest Ovens Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Panasonic NN-GT353MRp 1,900,000
Sharp EO-28LP-KRp 680,000
Kirin KBO-190RA SilverRp 670,000
Kirin KBO-190LW HitamRp 529,200
Panasonic NN-ST342MRp 1,200,000
Sharp EO-18L-WRp 600,800
Kirin KBO-190LWRp 493,000
Maspion MOT600Rp 370,000
Kirin KBO-250RARp 450,000
Oxone OX-858Rp 350,000

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