Mixers Price List in Indonesia

One need not mention the necessity of technologies in today’s world. Have we ever imagined a kitchen without the minimum technologies available? Well, the answer is no. Starting from pressure cooker, induction, microwave and many such similar types are availed by any middle class family these days. Mixer blender too is an addition to the long list of cooking techs. It smoothens blending a large amount of ingredient required to prepare cake, cookies etc. The technology comes in different variants, shapes and sizes meeting several purposes. The name of the mixers themselves proves their utility. 

Mixers Price in Indonesia

Latest Mixers Price List (2019) Updated Prices
KENWOOD Titanium Timer Major MixerRp 10,000,000
Miyako SM-625Rp 149,900
Electrolux EHM 2000Rp 315,000
Oxone Stand Mixer OX-855Rp 1,819,900
KENWOOD KMP771Rp 11,520,000
KENWOOD HM400Rp 1,050,000
Philips HR 1559 MerahRp 429,000
Philips HR 1559 HijauRp 420,000
Philips HR-1552 MerahRp 339,000
Panasonic MK-GH1WSRRp 350,000

The types of mixers available in the market of Indonesia are egg beater, stand mixers (both domestic and industrial use), spiral mixers, planetary mixers and hand mixers (without any motor). The hand mixers are the most primitive type. Yet it serves the basic domestic purposes if other motor run mixers can’t be availed by any family.

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The best companies for mixers available at Indonesia are Sharp, Kenwood, Philips, Oxone, Panasonic, Kitchenaid, and Maspion. The price range of the mixers varies from Rp 100000 to Rp 400000. The mixers come in various beautiful colours like green, red, even white. The mixer prices are quite pocket-friendly and easily available for buyers in and across Indonesia. But to buy online, we need reliable online shopping sites to avail the best and the cheapest one possible. The mixers vary mostly between hand mixers, domestic stand mixer or at the best an egg beater. So here at our website we prepare for you the best ones for domestic purpose, not the industrial ones.

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Throughout, we have tried to serve you with the best kitchen appliances available online. We go through a rigorous study and survey the top online shopping sites of Indonesia and tag their prices for the buyers to compare. Our purpose is always to be customer friendly. That is why we provide with the best comparisons among sites like Bukalapak, Tokopedia,, and several others to mention with the best online mixer prices in each site. Buyers can contrast, compare, review the features and can even make a survey themselves in the market and then finally pick the best. The appliances are not only explained with prices for the buyer’s convenience but also the features and colour of each of them to make it easier for buyers to choose the apt one. We value the hard-earned money of every buyer and notice that smile and satisfaction after availing the product.

So, if you are setting up your new home and you need this electronic appliance, as it is a necessity in the modern household, don’t think twice. Just visit our page scroll the mixers and if required you could also compare mixer prices and reviews online and choose the best that suits your need in the best way possible. If needed you could also go through the ratings as well.



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