Food Processors Price List in Indonesia

Food processor is an essential item in the kitchen, which makes cooking easier. Cooking is a time taking process and so many tend to choose other alternatives such as eating out, ordering in or spending the day with snacks. To avoid hassle, fasting is also done sometimes. Junk food must be avoided as they are full of spices and unhealthy ingredients. Now there is a good solution to this problem. A food processor is the best option. It makes cooking easy, fast and enjoyable.

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Food Processors Price in Indonesia

Latest Food Processors Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Philips HR7627Rp 885,000
KENWOOD FPP230Rp 1,650,000
Cosmos FP-300Rp 172,500
Philips Daily Collection HR7627Rp 869,997
Philips HR7627/00Rp 299,284
KENWOOD FPM250Rp 2,520,000
KENWOOD FPP 230Rp 1,500,000
KENWOOD JE680Rp 1,880,000
KENWOOD KMM770Rp 9,500,000
Oxone OX-103Rp 129,500

Previously women had the time to cook all day long as they were fully engaged looking after their family. But today the scenario has changed. Women are busy in the corporate fields and businesses that take away all their time. They have expertise both in the house and outside. For the sake of jobs, they cannot neglect the duties for their family. Food processors help them to manage their time.

Food processors first came into use some years back. In the year 1972 home cooks in Britain started using the products. They understood that these devices make food preparation very easy. They serve as wonderful addition to the kitchen and can be the best friend when someone is hungry and tired.

Things one can prepare with a food processor

One can make a lot of things with it, such as puree baby food, salad dressing, pie crust etc. There are different types of food processors- Hand food processor for chopping and dicing vegetables and onions, small food processor that helps in slicing, shredding, grating. They can be of plastic material or stainless. juicers, coffee grinders for grinding coffee beans, hand held salad slicers for salad preparations, hand operated ricers for potatoes, cheese graters for grating cheese, juicers separate juice from the pulp, compact or mini processors, large food processor that can be referred to as the all in one food processor. All of these types are available at their lowest price in the website Food processors price in Indonesia is the most affordable at this place.

How does it work?

A food processor is made with an interchangeable blade for chopping and slicing food at the fastest speed through electric current. The motor is attached at the base of the unit. It has the function to turn the vertical shaft and plastic bowl which is fitted around the shaft. The blades for cutting are fitted to the motor. On starting it, the blades start revolving and cut the ingredients in the bowl.

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