Electric Kettles Price List in Indonesia

At present, the innovations and technologies have a great impact on our lives. It has made our work easier than earlier days where people single-handedly need to manage thousands of work. So, machine has taken over the work of thousands of human beings and by itself only it does the work of many people. Examples of some such machines are—Mixer, Washing Machine, Juicer, Chopper, and many more. Likewise, Electric kettle has also made our life easier because of its efficiency. Electric Kettle is a very efficient device as it offers boiling of water within a short span time. It has got other advantages and benefits.

Electric Kettles Price in Indonesia

Latest Electric Kettles Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Cosmos CTL-211Rp 169,000
Delonghi KBOV2001.AZRp 1,425,000
KENWOOD JKP250Rp 560,000
KENWOOD SKM460Rp 1,440,000
Cosmos CTL 210Rp 189,000
Maspion Rigoletto 3LRp 56,000
Maspion Rigoletto 5LRp 60,000
Kangaroo KG-636Rp 173,000
Maspion UMP-2014Rp 195,000
Maspion Rigoletto 2.5LRp 55,000

Moreover, it works on the principle of conversion of Electrical energy into Heat energy without wasting any fuel. The most added advantage of Electric Kettle is its portable nature as we can take it to any places such as- it can be either on kitchen table, on counter, or just about anywhere else their cord allow them to be placed. If you are also looking for one such device with heating and boiling abilities along with portable in nature then definitely you have landed in the right place- In our website we always try to provide you the best for you, here you can not only check for the electric kettles price list in Indonesia but at the same time could access the reviews and ratings for product as well.

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