Cookers Price List in Indonesia

Rice is a staple diet for many across the globe, but very few are aware about this superb, time-saver called rice cooker. Internet and cookery shows have wiped away the obscurities that were suppressing the popularity of the rice cooker; otherwise, this innovation is almost as old as the microwave. With the mounting demand for this type of cookers, people started searching about the best rice cooker price in Indonesia, on our website. Thus, for relevant information regarding let’s get straight to the topic.

Cookers Price in Indonesia

Latest Cookers Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Yong Ma YMC 205Rp 293,000
Yong Ma MC 3600Rp 225,000
Philips HD9140/91Rp 117,884
Philips HD-3128/33 HitamRp 445,000
Miyako MCM-508 WayangRp 240,900
Electrolux ERC3405Rp 610,000
Maspion MSC-1825Rp 218,900
Philips Daily Collection JarRp 489,000
Oxone OX-1012Rp 1,218,000
Kirin KRC-188 HijauRp 337,000

How a rice cooker saves your time?

Now “time is money”, that is why we try our best to save a few minutes more from our daily chores, by expediting the process through the implementation of various types of gadget and rice cooker too is a part of this lot. There are plenty of choices from well-known companies in the market, so picking the right one out of them seems a little tedious. However, at we believe in simplifying things for our customers so that they can scoop out the best. For this to happen you first need, to compare rice cooker price in Indonesia, on our site, which will let you decide on your budget. In addition, do have a look at their specifications to have an idea about their competency.

Suppose you are moving to Jakarta for your college studies and will not have you family around, but that does not mean that you have to trust the canteen food or restaurants to fill your stomach. Now cooking rice is a matter of a couple of minutes, thanks to this wonder device, your kitchen is not messy again, and you do not have to fear about burning your hand while straining the cooked rice. It is that hassle free. The cooking pot is made of either aluminium or steel and demands minimum maintenance.

Before buying an electric rice cooker, one vital factor that you must consider is to figure out its capacity. From three cups to ten cups of rice – they come in varying capacities, so as per your household requirement, pick just the right thing.

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Your search for a perfect rice cooker ends here with From Yong, Cosmos, Miyako, Maspion to Oxobe, we have a rich stock of rice cookers from the highest-flying brands of Indonesia. If you want a cooker under the Rp1500000 bar, then check rice cooker price only on Mybestprice.

Our service is now available at all the prominent places in Indonesia like Surabaya, Pelambarg, Jakarta and more. Hence, to get authentic info on the rice cooker price in Indonesia place your conviction with us. After deciding upon your buy, order through the most recognised online vendors like Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blibli, etc.

For the tech savvy generation, shopping online is a lucrative alternative. If you are planning to shift to a different city for studies or business, do not forget to pack your electric rice cooker with you. In case you still do not have one, then visit our website at this instant to get the best of all products at a hugely discounted rate.



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