Coffee Machines Price List in Indonesia

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Coffee Machines Price in Indonesia

Latest Coffee Machines Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Oxone OX-212Rp 388,000
Breville BES840Rp 9,997,000
Hario EVCG-8BRp 2,930,000
Hario TCA-2Rp 350,000
Hario TCA-5Rp 150,000
Hario VKB-100HSVRp 695,000
Delonghi ICM15750Rp 1,599,000
Delonghi BCO420Rp 5,299,000
Tefal SubitoRp 1,510,000
DeLonghi CitizRp 3,499,000

Reasons to buy a coffee machine

Having a cup of coffee is the best way to start a day. There are many types of coffee machines such as coffee vending machine, espresso coffee machine. This website is here only to assist you to get the right one for your needs. There are a number of reasons to have a coffee machine at your home or office. Some are stated below:

  • Convenient- One needs to drink coffee after waking up in the morning. He or she may be in hurry for going to work. The employees too need coffee at the office. So all need it fast. With your machine, now you don’t worry about grinding the coffee beans, waiting for the coffee to brew.
  • Taste- With an automatic coffee machine, the best taste of the coffee is gained. Now, one can have the same strong coffee every day.
  • Productivity- It is believed that a cup of coffee increases work productivity. It instantly increases the energy. At the office coffee time brings all the employees together and improves the work atmosphere.
  • Good investment- Having a coffee machine helps in your savings too. Every time one wants to have a cup of coffee, s/he needs to go out and spends money at the coffee shops. But with a machine at home or office, drinking coffee at your desk is possible without spending much money each time.
  • Good image - Serve a cup of fresh coffee made from the machine to the clients. This pleasant surprise will definitely increase the image of the company.

Features of coffee machines to look upon before buying one

Temperature-The temperature for brewing coffee is generally 195F to 205F. With higher boiling point the coffee will be burnt. Many Coffee Machines have three settings heat options.

Speed- Before buying one have a look at the speed the machine brews the coffee.

Controls-The market is flooded with many useful, easy controls coffee machines. There are timers, self cleaning options, auto off button etc.

Brew strength-The brew strength allows one to control the intensity of coffee flavor one prefers. It also helps to make changes without changing the coffee beans.

Filtering- The water filter and coffee filter are the most important features of a coffee machine. Check these before ordering a product.

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