Air Purifiers Price List in Indonesia

In the city, with rising pollution levels getting a breath of fresh air is not so easy. It cannot be denied that the air we breathe is getting polluted with every passing day. Dust, pet danders and many other allergens pose a serious threat to one’s health not only when outside but also inside home and office. There is a misconception that pollution exists in outdoors only. But it’s not so. There is as much pollutant indoors as in outdoors. Though we cannot control the amount of dust and other allergens outside we can keep our home safe from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms by installing an Air purifying device at home. So if you want to ensure that your family breathes in fresh air, buy an air purifier today from Indonesia’s hassle-free online shopping website – All you need to do is visit our website and check Air purifier’s price in Indonesia before you buy one.

Air Purifiers Price in Indonesia

Latest Air Purifiers Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Sharp FP-GM30Y-BRp 1,565,000
Panasonic F-PXF35AHNRp 1,898,000
Hitachi EP-A3000Rp 2,299,000
Sharp FUA80YRp 2,517,000
Sharp FP-F40Y-WRp 1,925,500
Sharp FPF30YCRp 1,199,000
Sharp IG-GC2Y-NRp 1,135,000
Hitachi EP-A7000 MerahRp 6,800,000
Panasonic F-PXJ30AHNRp 1,529,000
Mayaka CO-007 ALRp 715,000

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Now bid a farewell to disease-causing germs present in the air by installing an air cleaner, a device that is highly beneficial to be installed in offices and homes for their functions. These devices have a compact structure and are ideal for use at home. The air purifiers have a device named an electrostatic precipitator that removes minute dust particles from the air by charging them as they pass through it. The device consists of multiple filters that capture the particles present in the air as the air blows through the system, thereby preventing them from reentering the room. Air cleaners are broadly classified based on the filter type such as HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air), carbon, ionic, ozone and ultraviolet light. A good quality air purifier ensures maximum reduction of pollutants in the air by effectively removing viruses and bacteria. Apart from that, the devices are equipped with additional features such as filter reset indicator, ionizer booster, odor remover and silent operation. The odor eliminator present in the air cleaner is used to remove any bad smell present in the room. The filter-change indicator notifies us when to replace the device. Since these devices are wall mountable and are compact in size so it does not require much effort for installation at home and office. And the best part of installing this device is that they are available at a pocket-friendly price. Yes, you read it right! Visit our website and take a look at the best Air purifier’s price in Indonesia. Now choose from a wide range of air purifiers from popular brands across Indonesia like Panasonic, Sharp, Mayaka, Hitachi, Sanken and many more at our website.

Air cleaners reduce the concentration of contaminants present in the air and thus are highly beneficial for those who always suffer from dust allergy and asthma. So if you wish to give your loved ones a clean air for breathing check air purifiers prices at our site and place your order today.

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Now shop for air cleaners online from our collection based on a list of factors like capacity, filter, power consumption, size and many more. Besides being functional these devices are available in a variety of peppy shades that effortlessly complement your home décor. Compare air purifier’s prices among a list of brands like Sharp, Hitachi, Panasonic and choose the one that best fits your budget. Choose your favorite product online, pay using a secure payment option and get your product delivered to your doorstep.



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