Air Conditioners Price List in Indonesia

Not many years ago air conditioner was considered as a luxury item vouchsafed only to the privileged class. But today its presence is a norm in homes, offices, public transports. So it is now a necessary part of our lives whether one wants it or not. Due to global warming the temperature has raised a lot and so the climate has undergone a rapid change. In the summer season the temperature almost reaches 40 to 45 degree Celsius which becomes unbearable for people especially children. So, air conditioner is the only solution. With years much warmer days will definitely come.

Best Air Conditioners of 2019

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Air Conditioners Price in Indonesia

Latest Air Conditioners Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Sharp AH-A5SEYRp 2,575,000
Daikin FTV15AXV14Rp 2,725,000
Daikin FTV25AXV14Rp 2,890,000
Daikin FTM25JV14Rp 3,665,000
Daikin FTKC25QVM4Rp 4,750,000
Daikin FTNE35MV14Rp 3,955,000
Polytron PAC 05VXRp 2,300,000
Daikin STNE15MVRp 3,400,000
Panasonic CS-YN7SKJRp 2,700,000
Samsung AR09KRFLAWRp 2,899,333

The market is crowded with a large collection of air conditioners of different brands like Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, Polytron, Sharp, LG, Midea and prices. It is up to one's need and budget to choose the product. They are sold in the electronic goods shop as well as by the online retailers.  In order to avail the electronic products log-in to our website and get the best air conditioner prices in Indonesia.

What are the benefits of air conditioner?

Buying a good air conditioner is really beneficial in many respects. Some advantages are given below:

  • Every year many people die from the excessive heat. It's very essential to keep oneself cool with a good air conditioner that prevents heat related deaths and sickness.
  • Air conditioners filter and circulate air. It removes pollutants and molds from the air. They are very important for the people suffering from asthma or other allergies as they reduce the irritants responsible for the attack. But the system should be regularly cleaned and changed.
  • The filters keep away insects and flies that are dangerous to many especially little children. A good air conditioner can keep the indoor flea and tick free.
  • With rise in temperature, our brains suffer a lot. The heart rate and blood pressure are also increased. Being in an air conditioned area, one can cool his temperament.
  • It is also responsible for betterment of one's sleep quality.
  • Air conditioners help to protect the furniture present in the room. Wood and leather absorb moisture and changes. AC s keep the room damp free and fresh.
  • The electronic devices in the room are also protected from overheating by the ACs, especially computers.
  • Installing ac in one's room, he or she gets better security as the windows and doors remain closed while the air conditioner is running.
  • People get relief from sweat stains being in air conditioned area. As a result discoloration of dress and bad odor are also kept far away.

From where to get an air conditioner

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