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To kick-start a day, most of us need a cup of hot coffee. Coffee machines or electric kettles with sandwich maker become the best helping hand to prepare own breakfast within few minutes. In Indonesia humidifier is a necessity. Lowering the humidity, it makes the rainy days energetic. You feel to make your life more fruitful in that weather. On the other hand, humidifier acts as an energy saver. It reduces energy expenses of AC, especially in the warm days of September.

Best Appliances of 2019

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Appliances Prices in Indonesia

Latest Appliances Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Sharp FP-GM30Y-BRp 1,565,000
Panasonic F-PXF35AHNRp 1,898,000
Hitachi EP-A3000Rp 2,299,000
Sharp FUA80YRp 2,517,000
Sharp FP-F40Y-WRp 1,925,500
Sharp FPF30YCRp 1,199,000
Sharp IG-GC2Y-NRp 1,135,000
Hitachi EP-A7000 MerahRp 6,800,000
Panasonic F-PXJ30AHNRp 1,529,000
Mayaka CO-007 ALRp 715,000

Actually, all types of electronic apparatus have become a necessity in fast daily life. There is an increasing number of them to prove this undeniable fact. All the genuine products are available online; is one of the best online sites to indicate the genuine products. The best appliance price in Indonesia is provided here with customers review on the product. Philips, Samsung, Mtedma, Polytron, Sharp, Maspion, Panasonic, Electrolux, LG, Daikin, Yong, Hitachi, Kenwood etc. Branded Appliance Prices Online is less than the prices in physical stores.

What are the Available Appliances through this site?

In Indonesia, to enjoy the sunny and dry weather between May and September, AC is a must. The best seller AC unit Midea MSBC-09CRN1 is available in Rp 2, 597, 00. The Ac Split Panasonic CS-YN5RKJ is available in the best price through tokopedia, Bukalapak and LAZADA. There are high quality pedestal and ceiling fans also. The 52”(130cm) Uchida CF-118, MT.EDMA Arius 52” Kining, MT.EDMA Preston-Dc 60 inch Walnut act perfectly to enhance your home décor as well. MT.EDMA Mini BZ 15” Pink becomes a perfect one to adjust in a small area. Does your kid’s room need a pedestal fan? The Remax F7 Cool Bunny will make your kid so happy with its great looks and performance as well.

These days, to utilize each hour, electronic household items are getting top preferences. Bosch BGL4SIL69A, Oxone OX-889, and Dyson DC59 Animal Vacuum Cleaner are getting high preference because of their price range and performance. Hitachi SF-130SS/WH and Polytron PWM 8567 Merah laundry machines are getting popularity in all the Indonesian professionals’ household. The MaSPION mot-620, Kenwood FPP 230 food Processor and Oxone OX-865 juicer are good to stay healthy with the homemade foods.

To keep oneself well maintained, one has to focus on the regular water intakes, beauty, and healthcare. Branded water purifiers available here promise to stay safe from the diseases caused by drinking unhygienic water. The well-known branded massagers assure to keep your body pain-free even after an effortful day. To look polished electronic shavers are essential to men. The Philips PQ206, Philips Aqua Touch AT750, and Flyco FS355 are the hotcakes in male society. Women prefer the Kemei KM-3518 trimmer too much. The popular hair dryer models from Panasonic, Flyco, Philips, Kirin, and Miyako are available with enough options.

All the above-mentioned products are available through this site with multiple options. Few more reasons to prefer this site for knowing Appliance Prices in Indonesia.

Here, you may get to know the available price of a particular product in well-known Indonesian sites like LAZADA, Bukalapak, tokopedia, Bhinneka,, BLANZA etc. To compare appliance price, you will not have to look out for different sites. Through you may get the price list just in a single click. So, it makes your appliance selection easier.

In Jakarta, Palembarg, Padang, Bekasi and so on, this online site has become popular because of genuine information about each and every product.If any of your appliance at your home is not working that much, you may have a look at the newly launched upgraded products here. To improve your lifestyle, you may have a look at the electronic appliance part of this site. One electronic product can save your time to spend for whatever you love to do.



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